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Use of Content and Copyright Information
Nifter's Nuts Web Site Content - Requests for Content Use

Unless specially noted, all content on the "Nifter's Nuts" Web site is owned and controlled by the Nifter Media Group. ( The media is posted online under the protection of international copyright laws and treaties. We take the protection of our all original content very seriously.

We understand there may be occassions where an individual, company or group has a specific purpose for material that requires reproduction of same, as opposed to sharing the content via our share buttons. (See below.) If this is the case for you, please use the email link below to contact us with your request.

Our decision to allow the request or not will be based on a variety of factors that we will apply to the request when it is received. You will be notified by email at the address used to contact us of our decision, usually within 72 hours of receiving the request.

Please note that a licensing fee or other appropriate compensation may be required. This will allow use of the material for a specific purpose for a designated length of time under any guidelines that may or may not be needed. The licensing fee will be based on the requested use and the media involved.

Media Protection is Critical to Our Success
The content offered to the internet community on Nifter's Nuts is 'one-of-a-kind,' all-original material. Clearly, protecting original content that is the basis for an entire Web site must be a critical part of site operations, and the reason why we take this as seriously as we do. Copyright violations have a direct impact on the success of our Web site, forcing us to respond accordingly. We believe anyone would do the same.

Use the "Share" Buttons for Media Sharing
These all-original works by the owner of (known as "Nifter") have been posted online so they can be enjoyed by anyone who wishes to view them at the Nifter's Nuts Web site. We have provided individual Linkto, Tell a Friend (email) and Facebook buttons as well as Twitter and hundreds of other 'share' opportunities through the larger, white "Share" button. Our 'share' buttons are found on most every page of the Web site.

'Share' buttons allow the content to be easily shared and enjoyed without infringing on the copyright. If you have a specific purpose for Nifter's Nut's content that would require reproduction of media, please make sure you contact us and request use of the content so we can all live happily together.

Request for Content Use
Click the email link below to send us your request. Please include the following:

  • Your name and the company you represent if applicable
  • Reply-to email address
  • The specific media you wish to use and how it will be used
Contact Us With Your Request

Click this link to send your request from your email software.

Thank you for stopping by. We greatly appreciate the time you spend with us.

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