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Love You Lisa from Ronny
Even more than Spot

Dear Lisa,
I'm falling for you, well not actually falling, like falling down, but falling in love 'cause I like you so much. When I see you I just want to write a love poem for you so I did. I hope you like it. It took me two weeks to make but you are worth it.

I'm your biggest fan, even though you're not tanned,
You look real good, for our neighbourhood,
That top you wear, it makes me stare,
'Cause I love your boobs, more than rum with ice cubes.
When I hold your hand, I don't think it's bland,
When I kiss your lips, I taste fish and chips,
You're eyes are awesome, like a flower blossom,
I can tell you're not dumb, 'cause you have a nice bum,
I love you a lot, more than my dog Spot,
And you're not Cajun, you are Asian,
And I love those girls, those Asian girls,
That you are one, I'm almost done,
I love you Lisa, want to go for pizza?

Love, Ronny, the guy who loves you named Ronny.

 Copyright © 2010 - All Rights Reserved

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