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New Leader Barack Marijuana Obama
Who's the gardener at the White House anyway?

Once upon a time a president of the United States admitted to smoking marijuana as a young man. According to this former leader, whose name ihappens to be Bill I-Didn't-Have-Relations-With-That-Woman Clinton, he "never inhaled."

Well of course he didn't; who inhales when they smoke marijuana anyway? Well, actually, the latest president of the United States, Barack Obama does, er, uh, did. He admitted to this stunning revelation (uh huh) on the David Letterman show, stating, "that was the point." (About inhaling.) Finally - a global leader who has experienced a ganja high and said so publicly, thus making him one of the few presidents that has made at least one truthful statement. This limerick was written on inauguration day.

New Leader Barack Marijuana Obama
The new leader's name is Obama,
He says he inhaled marijuana,
A tip of the hat,
Goes to someone like that,
Add some beer and he might catch Osama.

That's a lot of writing to inhale for one little limerick. Then again, maybe that was the point. - Nifter

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