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Welcome One and All

Nifter's Nuts contains the hilarious, comically inciteful, sometimes bizarre and even thought-provoking writings and other creations from one, very unique person.

Every article, poem, song parody and the various "Nifter bits" found in the Hodgepodge section have been penned, created or spoken by our very own nutcase of hilarity, "Nifter." ('Biff' Nifter, to be pseudonymatically accurate.) In short, Nifter's nuts, but in a good way of course. You'll discover that yourself soon enough.

We're glad you got the chance to stop by. With any luck, we just might be able to lighten your day. Enjoy the site!

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Nifter's Nuts News

New Public Opinion Polls and Online Surveys
We've started adding some online surveys and public opinion polls that Nifter has created to find out those all-important things like, do you shut the bathroom door when no one is home, or how often do you spit? Nifter things. Things that don't matter to anyone but him. Still fun to do though, so, jump over to the polls if you'd like to add your voice. Pleeease?

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